How to start my first race in WSS?

⦁ Create your account on WorldSimSeries.com and log on
⦁ Make sure you have Assetto Corsa installed and Steam and WSS app running
⦁ Select Overview/Race/Time attack/Drift/Fun/Community section and choose event from upcoming or happening events you would like to participate in
⦁ On the event page check event type, car, track, conditions and other event information
⦁ Press the ‘Join event’ button, select car, review and approve any event regulations/rules and press ‘Confirm’.
⦁ When the time comes and the event starts, ”Connect” button will appear replacing the counting down clock. You will be notified to join the server via notification. Press ”Connect” to launch Assetto Corsa and automatically connect to the event server.
⦁ When the race is finished, quit Assetto Corsa and check the event results page in the WSS system. The results should appear approximately 2-5 mins after the race finishes.

What are the system requirements?
Can I run on XBox, PS4 or Mac?

Currently, WSS runs on Windows PC only. There is still the Boot Camp option for Mac users.
Learn more here.

What is Assetto Corsa?

Currently, the only simulation software the platform supports is Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni for Microsoft Windows. Please consult the hardware requirements on the official Assetto Corsa website.
For a full WSS platform experience we do recommend to purchase Assetto Corsa ULTIMATE EDITION pack.

What is WSS Windows app?

WSS app is a mediator between WSS website and Assetto Corsa. We want your experience to be as seamless as possible, so WSS app provides automatic content updates and launches Assetto Corsa directly to the server. Download WSS app.

Is it free?

World Sim Series platform is totally free to join. That said, you may need to buy Assetto Corsa simulation software if you don’t have it yet.

How does driver rating system work?

World Sim Series uses a sophisticated calculation system to define the rating of each driver – ELO rating system. If you win against a higher rating driver you will get more rating points than winning against lower rating driver. In a race you basically win against everyone who is behind you and lose against everyone in front of you.

How does driver divisions work?

In race events where there is unlimited registered driver count and more registered drivers than the circuit allows – the system will split drivers into multiple divisions and create multiple servers. Highest rating drivers appear in division 1, lower rating drivers appear in division 2 and so on.

Can I use Content Manager with WSS?

To connect to WSS servers currently you need to launch through WSS app, but Content Manager works without problems for configuring Assetto Corsa.

Where do I change Assetto Corsa settings?

Please launch Assetto Corsa normally and configure using original Assetto Corsa launcher or use Content Manager to change settings.

Once settings are changed – they will also be used when launching through WSS.

Problem: The WSS app shows 'Failed to launch'

Please send report by opening WSS app menu and clicking ‘report problem’. Please include your contacts in the report.
For faster support you can also contact the support (in the right bottom of the web).

Problem: I downloaded WSS app but website still shows that WSS app is not detected.

Please use Chrome browser. If problem persists, please open WSS app and check for any messages or errors. If everything is in WSS app it should show ‘Ready’.

Problem: When I press ‘Connect’ button, nothing happens

Make sure you are using Chrome and WSS app icon at the top is not blinking and showing that it is connected. Open WSS app to check if there are no messages.

Problem: WSS app launches Assetto Corsa, but it closes itself with ‘Checksum error’

Some mods might have been overwritten after installation, please try resetting installed mods in WSS app: click on menu icon, Game content > Reset game content.

Problem: WSS app shows ‘Assetto corsa is Already running’, but actually Assetto Corsa is closed

Please try restarting Steam.

How to start WSS with Simxperience?

wss simxperience

Why I need to wait 7 days for Wallet withdraw

When you add funds into your wallet account they are available to use for the event entry after your account is confirmed. This usually takes around 10 min.

If you decide to withdraw your money into your bank account, due to security and fraud reasons, we hold your funds for 7 days, until it will be available to withdraw.

The screen will look like this:

After 7 days pass from first funds added to your wallet account, you will be available to withdraw full amount.

The screen will look like this:

I am not able to launch the game with WSS app

If you are not able to launch the game thought the WSS application after the successful installation, it might be that your antivirus application is blocking it. Although we have a valid security certificate, some antivirus applications might still time to time have an issue. If this is the case, you should try to unblock WSS app in the antivirus blocked applications list or whitelist WWS app manually in the antivirus application. This process will vary based on the antivirus application you are using. We will not take any responsibility for this action, please use your common sense.

How to unblock WSS app in Windows

How to unblock WSS app in Avast

How WSS wallet fee is combined

When you are entering an event with a prize pool, our system will charge a fee, which is combined from several different values:

The fixed Stripe fee is € 0.25

The WSS platform fee, which is 10% from your total contributed amount.

These fees are required, so that we can cover our the transnational payment costs for the service.