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Jan Nimz wins Mobil 1 CUP @ SPA

Posted 10 months ago

The Mobil 1 Cup powered by championship started this Sunday at Spa-Francorchamps. A nice number of participants registered in the first round of the championship reminded the price in the shops – 99. This number of participants resulted in a new record of divisions – drivers were divided into five divisions according to personal WSS rating.

Fixed car setups promised a close fight from the start of training to qualifying runs. In the first division, the TOP10 drivers fit into one second. The fastest qualifying laps and comfortable starting positions have been established by:

02:20.851 Jan Nimz, Germany

02:21.093 Tauras Gudinavicius, Lithuania

02:21.373 Jakub Charkot, Poland

However, we can not forget to mention the surprise in the third division. Norbert Morvai, a driver from Hungary made an amazing Q lap of 02:21.239 who secured him a pole position and a serious statement to all participants for the future as well.

There was a lot of action in all divisions from start to finish, thanks to the wide SPA circuit, only one of 99 participants reached the maximum number of incidents and was disqualified. This indicator shows the increasing racing quality of WSS drivers as well. 

Watch the replay of the race here:

Division 1

Division 2

After an hour of hot racing on a cold SPA circuit, the participants reached the finish line and the following drivers climbed on the podiums:

Division 1

1st – Jan Nimz

2nd – Tauras Gudinavicius

3rd –  Jakub Charkot

Division 2

1st – Julius Adomavičius

2nd – Evaldas Dzialtuvas

3rd –  Sandro Tavartkiladze

Division 3

1st – Norbert Morvai

2nd – Arnas Šleivys

3rd –  Maximilian Rörig

Division 4

1st – Gediminas Galiauskas

2nd – Aurimas Mištautas

3rd –  Szymon Janik

Division 5

1st – Patriks Locmelis

2nd – Reinis Fridbergs

3rd –  Karolis Grybauskas

SUPER LAP prize for the fastest lap (02:20.049) in race goes to Jakub Charkot. He wins two fives: 5 liters of MOBIL 1 oil and 5 extra points in the season overall standings.

The curiosities of the new rules. To maintain healthy competition and motivation, the organizers have introduced a new rule – TOP5 first division drivers will get extra weight for the next round. That means these drivers will get some bags of potatoes in the car:

Jan Nimz + 50kg

Jakub Charkot + 35kg

Tauras Gudinavicius + 25kg

Tauras Tunyla + 20kg

Simonas Urbonas + 10kg

The second round is already this Sunday which will take place on the legendary Redbull ring track!

It is not too late to join the championship! The 6 best stages out of 8 are counted in the championship and your possibilities to claim the championship prizes are not gone yet! JOIN NEXT ROUND

Results of the TOP 30 championship overall standings after the round one:

1 Jan Nimz301111
2 Jakub Charkot270111
3 Tauras Gudinavicius260111
4 Tauras Tunyla200011
5 Simonas Urbonas180011
6 Grantas Kareckas160011
7 Patriks Locmelis151111
8 Gediminas Galiauskas151111
9 Julius Adomavičius151111
10 Norbert Morvai151111
11 Reinis Fridbergs140111
12 Arnas Šleivys140111
13 Evaldas Dzialtuvas140111
14 Aurimas Mištautas140111
15 Davis Bite140011
16 Sandro Tavartkiladze33130111
17 Maximilian Rörig130111
18 Karolis Grybauskas130111
19 Szymon Janik130111
20 Edvinas Žadeikis130011
21 Tomas Čeida120011
22 Jurij Lapo120011
23 Sacha Galguera120011
24 Justas Staciokas120011
25 Augustas Sleiva120011
26 Tony Fuhs110011
27 Haroldas Jotautas110011
28 Julius Bartkevičius110011
29 Erwin Schneider110011
30 Eyal Drukman110011